Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loyalty Power 7?
Loyalty Power 7 is a member shopping community. It is a web based business which offers its members thousands of coupons and incredible offers and deals daily, specializing in local restaurants, local boutiques and all other kinds of small businesses. Loyalty Power 7 also provides the tools for the average person to become a part of the billion-dollar coupon industry.
How can I join and what are the fees associated with a membership?
Go to the sign up tab and fill out the membership application. It is free to join, the monthly recurring fee of $10.00 per month.
What are the benefits of a membership?
You will have access to thousands of coupons daily. Loyalty Power 7 will feature coupons from your favorite local restaurants and stores along with national department and specialty stores. Also you will have the opportunity to join The Loyalty Power 7 Reward Program and start your very own lucrative business.
How do I start my own business?
It’s easy. Once you fill out the enrollment application, you will have your own web page. LP7 will provide you with all the tools and support you need to start. If you are happy with our service, just refer LP7 to others. That simple.
Do I need to buy anything from Loyalty Power 7 for my business?
No, all of the tools and support you will need are a part of the membership fee. The only fees associated with a membership is the recurring $10.00 per month.
Are there other ways I can make money besides getting people to join?
Yes, absolutely. For every merchant you refer to offer a discount on, you will receive $35 to $50.
How much does it cost a merchant to offer a discount on the web page?
The price for a merchant to advertise on our webpage is $100.00 per year-just a little over $8.00 per month. The least expensive advertising ever! All the merchants have to do is offer a discount of their choice.
Merchant - How to upload coupons / discounts?
Just follow this easy steps: 1, log in to your back office 2, url: enter your website address 3, image: upload a logo of your business 4, location: enter your address 5, offer: create your offer description 6, offer code: create your offer code - your customers will show this code by the checkout 7, start date: the beginning of your offer 8, end date: the end of your offer - after this date your offer will disappear 9, category: make sure you choose the right category of your business 10, add coupon: by clicking to this button your offer will be live and ready to launch on the start date Remember for $100 a year you will be able to post 3 different offers. You can change your offer anytime, but you have to honor the unexpired saved offers from our members.
My credit card information is safe?
Of course. We don`t have any access to your credit card information. The payments are made through Bank Of America merchant services. The only thing we see is your payment.
What does my membership fee include?
Your membership fee is giving you the opportunity to save money. You can choose from over 4000 national and local coupons, discounts. Also we are giving you the tools to start your own business. If you like our concept you have the opportunity to refer our service to others, after each person you refer you will receive a $25 bonus. Also you have a chance to be an agent, that`s also included in your membership fee. If you are an agent you are able to sign up local merchants. The payout for each referral is between $35 to $50. You also have a chance to become a leader for the agents, this will also generate you extra income.

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