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Tatxtract is an advanced tattoo removal technology that removes tattoo ink in the most natural and effective way possible by minimizing the scar potential. This is a process that does not use laser technology. Tatxtract is created as a humanitarian mission from the founders to help remove tattoos from self-trafficking victims. These victims were given tattoos by their perpetrators so they want to help them remove the ink as well as not leave any scar. The reality of tattoo laser removal is that it they penetrate the skin and create potential for other serious medical conditions. 

One in four people who have tattoos regretted having it. Once they do, most of them decide to have them surgically removed. The reality of tattoo laser treatment is that it can create scars to the skin and it also blasts the ink into nano-particles that will be filtered out by blood stream bringing toxic ingredients to your lymph nodes, kidneys, liver and heart. 

With the procedure used in Tatxtract, it has the lowest scar potential and suitable for all skin types. This is the only essential treatment for allergic reactions caused by tattoo ink. This method is also more affordable than the laser surgery. Exactly our method of choice should you decide to have your tattoo ink removed. It will take an average of 3-6 removal sessions compared to laser which can run around 15-20. 

Tatxtract has completely revolutionized the tattoo removal industry providing unique solutions to the growing demand of tattoo removal and in the safest, most effective way. Call them when you need to have your tattoos permanently removed.


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15% off training classes - for removal and lighting "go to website to learn more" " to find a provider near you" we train doctors, artist
Free products for removal training $228 value
15% off for any lightening or removal sessions
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15% off training classes - for removal and lighting "go to website to learn more" " to find a provider near you" we train doctors, artist 


To be a certified TatXtract provider, you must complete their hands on training.  They offer customized training packages that fits any swize practice. This can be obtained onsite at your practice or their training facility in Phoenix, AZ. Choose from 1 to 3 days training depending on your needs. You can have multiple technicians certified under 1 license and all tools and support will be provided for you. Adding TatXtract to your practice is a plus factor for you. The training is affordable, and it is made more affordable for you with their 15% discount.

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