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Alluring Beauty Services LLC

Alluring Beauty Services offers the basic salon services that cannot be taken for granted and should be part of every woman’s personal care. Their services ranges from the different sets of Eyelash extensions and waxing services. Needless to say that Alluring Beauty Services provides excellent eyelash and waxing services in Northwest Washington, DC.

Their semi-permanent lashes will stand out in the no-make-up look trend these days because with the right eyelash you can skip having to wear too much make up and mascara. It will make you stand out among the rest of the ladies in the room. Your eye is the window of your soul and people notice it easily. Skip the temporary extensions that will give you glam only in a day, or the hassle of gluing it to your lash line, removing it before going to bed. Semi-permanent eyelash can last to 6-8 weeks until they naturally fall out and you don’t have to worry about taking it out when you hit the sack. You will certainly have an instagramable “woke up like this” look. Their professional technicians certainly know how to apply it on you as a pro. Choose your style and pick your density for that looking all-natural eyelash length and curl.

Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone. It is not a one-size fits all kind of thing. There are about 4 choices you have to make. First choose your extension material: mink, silk or synthetic. Then you will pick the density: average to more lashes, the type of curl for that sexy eyes and the length of preference.

Choose our pick from among the sets that Alluring Beauty Services has to offer. Alluring Full Set, Bottom Lash Boost, Enchanting Full Set, Glamorous Full Set, Lash Bath, Lash Blast Touch Up, Seductive Full Set, Student Only Full Set. Undecided on which one to pick? Visit the salon and talk to the technicians personally. They can give a free assessment to make sure you get only what’s right for you.

Hate unwanted hair? Their waxing services is also famous in the area and it is a must-try too! Whether you are preparing for your first bikini or Brazilian wax, they’ve got you covered. Getting a regular bikini wax can have several health benefits including skin health because of its physical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, a smoother finish because it removes the hair roots therefore gives a longer lasting result, a thinner hair growth with minimal irritation. Find the right wax for you here.


1705 L St NW

Washington, DC 20037
Alluring full set $110 / $135
20% off Half Leg Wax - from knee to ankle
Eye brow wax and 3 week fill in combo 10% off original $90
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Alluring full set $110 / $135


Let your eyes speak wonderful ideas and look as gorgeous as a Disney princess with our alluring full set eyelash extension. Flash those appealing eyelashes without worrying about putting on make-up, eyeliner or mascara. You will look as beautiful as ever and now you can finally say, I certainly woke up like this. When you go around town or hit the gym, you will be looking natural and beautiful without any make up on. Save on our full set eyelashes and pay only $110. That’s $25 off on our regular price.

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