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Children`s Center For Discovery

Welcome to Children’s Center for Discovery or otherwise known as CCFD. Expectant mothers and new parents loved them, and they are part of every parent’s plan for their child’s early stages of development. When it comes to their child’s growing up years, they only trust CCFD.

Child’s Center for Discovery has been operating as an infant toddler and early childhood training school for more than 25 years. Founded in 1985, CCFD upholds a philosophy of improving the lives of our children by emphasizing him as the “whole child”. Every child is born with special skills and needs. CCFD designs their activities that will assist in the development of your child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual/cognitive growth. They have various activities that will allow your child to develop his full potential through self-discovery. He/She is given a chance to show his/her creativity, stimulate imaginations and develop positive self-images all by himself and in an actual environment.

Your child is free to discover the world one step at a time. Everything is a mystery to him/her. Through play activity and enriched classroom environments, your child will experience for himself the beauty of everything around him. CCFD has prepared special programs that aims to meet your child’s development needs.

Infant Care – their infant suite provides high quality care for your child and looking after yours and your baby’s future. The children are simulated through music, exercise, sign language, outdoor blanket time, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles. This simulation will allow you to continue your everyday life while not worrying about his early stage of development.

Toddlers – As toddlers, these children are very anxious for new challenges. They learn the basic knowledge like crawling, walking and running. Music, stories and outdoor play and learning simplicities envelop much of the day and before you know it, your child moves up to the next stage. Parents are given daily reports about their meal time, nap times, toilet trainigns and all activities accomplished in the day.

Two Year Olds – CCFD do not call them the terrible two but terrific two. They are terrific learners when they are in this age. They begin to understand group play and become more responsive to social groups. They also start to communicate with their thoughts. This program emphasizes language development to help children learn to develop their ideas into words and sentence. They will also have group activities for their social skills.

Pre-Kindergarten for 3 and 4 years old – This program will engage your child’s individual focus on varied learning skills. They will learn the necessary focus points such as Math, Science, Language and Literacy and Arts, Social and Physical Development. They create lessons tailored to meet your child’s needs, giving them opportunities for exploration, questions, communications and creation in a fun supportive environment.

Before and After School -  This program is a perfect combination of fun, friendship and learning. At this stage they learn to make friends. This will give opportunity for school-aged children to spend time with their friends before and after school. For your convenience, their center will coordinate with you for transportation to and from neighborhood schools, and offer fun-filled programs during holidays and out of school days.

Preschoolers – This stage of development is crucial for your child’d future. A good preschool can make a different in your child’s future years. CCFD creates programs for your preschoolers in a fun and stress free environment. They get to explore fun activities such as music, science, math, language arts and manipulative play.

Aside from your child’s developmental years, CCFD also makes sure that the teachers and staff of CCFD are well-equipped with training needs so they can better oversee your children’s early childhood development. They have genuine and caring specialist to make sure that they meet your child’s daily needs. On the other hand, the parents are valued as their Partners in Education.

CCFD is Maryland Model for School Readiness Facility. The curriculum offered is the same as that of Maryland State Department of Education. Invest in your child’s future today. CCFD makes sure that they provide your child’s needs at a price you can afford.

(301) 370-4969

3918 Millstone Circle

Monrovia, MD 21770
One Week Free child day care and summer camp
Free One week registration Day Care and Summer Camp
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CCFD provides free registration for your child. You only pay after the one-week free trial. Experience us first hand. Our one-week free program will let you know how we value your child’s progress and how we take care of his/her needs while he/she is learning about the world around him/her.

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