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New Creation therapeutic medical Center

If you are xperiencing chronic pain, a strong sense of fatigue, constipation, or severe and frequent headache, they may be a sign that you need to undergo therapy. New Creation Therapeutic Medical Center specializes in helping your body achieve its optimum health through its specialized services. They are a wellness center who thoroughly investigates the human body and find the root cause of dysfunction and pain. Their therapist uses detailed questionnaires to identify health issues and concerns in order to address it more profoundly.

The therapeutic center uses aromatherapy and hydrotherapy that can help you get back on track. They specialize in Colon Hydrotherapy, Body Detox and Headache Relief. They are a proven therapy center in VA. Known for its fast and reliable service, they will help you detoxify or lose weight through its licensed and insured system and therapist.

Although it might sound like Colon Hydrotherapy is a new trend, it is actually one of the oldest form of body detoxification and purification. It flushes our build up waste inside your colon that is stored inside through the introduction of warm water. What we eat nowadays will affect the regular functions of our colon thus we need to detoxify it, so it can go back to its own ability to clean itself. This process helps you will proper digestion, weight loss and has an overall impact on your body health.

New Creation Therapeutic Medical Center goes beyond your weight loss fetishes. They help you go beyond losing weight. They are there to assist you in your total wellness journey. If you are tired of hearing your doctors tell you that all your test results are fine but deep inside you feel something is wrong, you may be right. They can help your body heal the natural way. Natural in the sense that there are no harmful pharmaceuticals involved. If your anxiety attacks and medications become of no use, or your hormones are going out of whack, it is easy to call them. They will design a treatment for you to make sure you achieve what you have always wanted to achieve in the first place.

They believe that you do not need to live with migraines all your life. You don’t have to undergo expensive blood analysis, x-rays and medications here and there. All you need to do is undergo a natural and safe detoxification package. Feel good inside out. Get New Creation Therapeutic Services now!


8800 Pear Tree Village Ct #I

Alexandria, VA 22309
Detoxification regular price $280 Discount price $120includes : infared sauna with aromatherapy and herbs makes you lose weight.
Foot Detox with aromatherapy and reflexology1 hour session regular price $120 Discounted price- $80
Ear Candle Wax massages the ear Regular price- $85, Discounted price $451 hour session
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If you are tired of trying a lot of ways to lose unwanted fats, worry no more because New Creation Therapeutic Medical Center offers just the right solution for your health. Their regular detoxification package which includes infrared sauna with aromatherapy and herbs that helps in losing weight, is made available for you at a discounted price of more than half the price! Pay only $120 for the whole package. Original cost of this package is $280, so it would be a bad idea to miss this offer while they are here!

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