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Elite Care Wellness To say that life is wonderful is an understatement. Sure, there may be certain things in life that make it tough, the stress at work or in school, the bills to pay, the traffic; but these are just spices, for there are more things such as food trips, travelling, family, friends and other loved ones that make living the best! If only living forever is an option. But getting older is just inevitable; afterall there is no fountain of youth! But there is such thing as Elite Care Wellness and it’s just as good!


5632 Annapolis Road, Suite 3

Bladensburg, MD 20710
Botox injections
Micro needling
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Botox injections People are naturally expressive but doing too much of it can cause wrinkles to the face. Don’t let others mistake you to be older. Get Botox Injections now at Elite Care Wellness- where we can guarantee the best and most professional service!

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The promotional value expires on October 31, 2019. Amount of the coupon will be the amount honored by the merchant. One coupon is for 1 person use only. Promo is exclusive to loyaltypower7 members. Can be given as a gift. Valid only for the coupon used. Not valid with any other special offers. Clients should inform the technicians for any allergies and the like. Merchant limits 1 person to one visit per day from Monday to Wednesday. Merchant reserves the right to decline the service if the clinic is full and no prior appointment was made. Merchant is responsible to members for the quality of the products and services offered. Please read clinic policies when making and canceling reservations.

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