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Amaya Salon

Wherever you look, you see many things that can cause stress. The sad thing about it is that it does not only give you an unpleasant feeling, it can also show on your body. There are many ways to look great and stay healthy. Aside from eating good food and exercising regularly, it is also important to keep yourself happy and what better way to do that than to visit Amaya Salon, where looking your best is right within your reach!

Amaya Salon’s cups of tea are their skin care services, waxing and threading. They cater to men and women, children and adults. Going to Amaya Salon feels like going inside a beauty palace. The salon is well-equipped, after all, they do haircuts, hair styling, hair color, threading, waxing, bleach and facials! As if that’s not enough, they also do henna tattoos, piercing, bridal mehndi and eyelash extensions, among many more!

I truly recommend their threading. There may be certain parts of your face and neck where you have unwanted hair. And although, we can do something about it at home, it’s really different when a professional deals with it. The great thing about threading is that it has no chemicals, it is not time consuming, it is done with precision and it creates a really clean finish. My eyebrows have never looked this good since I came to Amaya. I also tried their partial highlights, just to have some pop of colors on my dark hair. Amaya Salon is definitely a must visit! Of course, I have yet to try some of their services as I haven’t tried them all yet. But I guarantee, theirs are really outstanding!

Stress can’t be avoided most of the time. But if you do get stressed out, just make sure that you try to lessen it. Do not wait for stress to cause more than just a simple headache. Be healthy, yes, but more importantly be happy! And when you look great, happiness comes naturally! Where to? At Amaya Salon of course!


858 S Milwaukee Ave

Libertyville, IL 60048
Full Body Waxing
Eyebrow Threading
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Wouldn’t it be cool to have beautiful, stylish and intricate prints on your body? Visit the experts at Amaya Salon and get a Henna Tattoo! Price starts at $8! At Amaya Salon, it is guaranteed that you get the styles you wanted!

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