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I am very sure that you have already watched a lot of romantic films. One of the best things to do on a weekend is to curl up in bed with a good book or a really good movie, perhaps a love story! You may have noticed that most of these scenes have the characters look into each other’s eyes and share a look of affection. The eyes are very important when it comes to expressing one’s feelings. And isn’t there some kind of adage that says the eyes never lie? There is another popular quote that says, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Perhaps the reason behind its popularity is its truthfulness. We just express a lot with our eyes. Also, our eyes make us more attractive. They show off our beauty in the most expressive way. All these are prime reasons why we should really care for them and make sure they are as beautiful as our souls.

Aside from putting on makeup, one of the things that can truly make your eyes a lot prettier is your eyelashes. And if there is a place where you can get the best eyelash services, it is in Coco Beauty! Coco Beauty is really where you will meet people-professionals, to be more exact that are truly passionate about eyelashes. With a lot of skills on their sleeves, they apply the lashes individually on the natural ones.

They use a special adhesive that ensures a clean, polished and posh finish! Before they get started, they look at your natural eye lashes to make sure that they can hold the size of your extensions. This is apparently done so that you will not lose your eyelashes to breakage. The best thing about it, aside from the really clean finish is that the adhesive they use does not have any toxic chemicals and sure enough, I’ve had my lashes for weeks now and I’ve had no allergic reactions and irritations. Their lash extensions range from Classic, Russian Volume, Silk to Mink-synthetic to 100% real. The one I tried is their Classic Lash Extensions and I must say; I love how I look these days! And did I mention that they also offer Waxing and Microblading Services?


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Eyelash Extensions
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