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Fabulous Nails Spa

We all have to grow up and be more responsible
But no matter how busy we get, it is important to leave behind traces of our fun and fabulous personalities, beyond all the paperwork and deadlines at work or in school. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is true; however, there are also a lot more ways to showcase one’s inner self. It can be from the way we dress, the way we speak, or the way we present ourselves. A really fun way to show off your fabulous inner you is through your nails. Just imagine, wearing the colors and style that truly tell a lot about you; whether you’re a glamorous pink, a chill blue or a feisty red. And what better way to have your nails done than to go to Fabulous Nails Spa!

Just by going inside the place, you will immediately feel fabulous! The interior of the truly keeps the promise of their name. Their staff is also very friendly and nice. They strive to create an environment where you can relax and feel like a princess- cared for and beautiful! From enhancing your natural nails, to getting artificial ones, from waxing to awesome mani pedi packages; I guarantee you, you will never leave the spa without looking and feeling fab!

All the work you’ve been doing, both at work and at home is taking a toll on your feet. You just need to take a break every once in a while. I highly recommend their Fabulous Spa Pedicure. Not only do your nails get groomed, you also get a relaxing foot bath and massage! This is a must-have service if you ask me. With all the stress that you’re experiencing, getting a spa pedicure is just what your trusty feet need!

For my fingers, my personal favorites have been their Non-chip Manicure and their Dip Overlays. Our hands are two of the most important parts of our body. Our daily activities depend a lot on our hands and fingers thus, it is important to give them the kinds of treatment they deserve. Manicures keep the nails healthy and clean. Plus, they make them really beautiful.

Wear your personal style and colors. Don’t let being busy keep you from looking and feeling fabulous. More importantly, show the real you! Go to Fabulous Nails Spa now!


200 E. Randolph St

Chicago, IL 60601
Regular Manicure and Non-chip Pedicure at Fabulous Nails Spa for only $55!
Highly Trained and Experienced Staff
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With highly trained, and experienced staff, Fabulous Nails Spa can provide you with the best services in town! Make sure to wear the colors that speak your style! Go and put your trust on the best! See you there at Fabulous Nails Spa!

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