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Topp Dogg Tattoos

Life is filled with trials and challenges. They may make life difficult and at times unbearable but as many say, they spice life up. Imagine living with no hardships, wouldn’t it be boring? The challenges or the battles you fight make you stronger and they make good and inspirational stories.

Every time you surpass a certain challenge, each time you fight and win a battle is a memorable milestone. Some take pictures to remind them of everything they have survived and won in life. Others get ink on their bodies, a colorful and symbolic reminder of their battle scars. For centuries tattoos have existed in order to honor warriors and to immortalize success. You’re no different. You’re a warrior too. Celebrate and give yourself the reward of a tattoo from the best in town, Topp Dogg Tattoos!

The beginnings of Topp Dogg Tattoos were all thanks to a 17 year-old Daryl “Tattoo Doctor/Infa Redz” Moore Stone, a tattoo artist who was under the tutelage of Mitchell “Stitch/MD” Pettus. This was in 2002 and it has become an enterprise that has served many satisfied clients since then. Their current staff and artists are passionate about producing outstanding artworks and excellent customer service. Their staff is really friendly and they work hard to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Just by going there, you will feel how much they care about translating your great story into the art of your dreams. They can create anything, from realistic illustrations to cartoon characters. You can choose between a feast of colors on your skin or awesome blacks and whites. Plus, they really give you advice on the things you can do after getting your ink. And if you are planning to have more than one tattoo, you can perhaps sign up for a membership! Getting a VIP Membership means you can know their latest news and updates and many more perks!

Celebrate every milestone you get in life. Be proud of the battles you fought! Get yourself a tattoo now only from the best artists in town, Topp Dogg Tattoos!


6516e Central Ave

Capitol Heights, MD 20743
First 2 hours Tattoo session for only $150 (Full color, any design)
Body Piercing excluding Micro-dermal for only $35
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Body Piercing excluding Micro-dermal for only $35

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