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What do you want to do after a long day at work? Do you want to hang out with your friends to chat and eat some really delicious food? Do you perhaps want to go to the mall and shop, just get some taste of retail therapy? Or maybe read a book at home? How about going to your favorite spa and enjoy all of their relaxing services? There are a lot of ways to enjoy and relax on your free time after work but I can guarantee you, this last one, a trip to the spa, is definitely the most relaxing!

There may be a couple of spas in your neighborhood but if you’re looking for a place where you can relax and look better at the same time, then see you at Spa Spot! Spa Spot offers services from waxing to manicures and pedicures! Their waxing services are really great! They have a team of professional beauty technicians who can cater to all your waxing needs. Their waxing ranges from brows, full legs and even the upper lip. I also highly recommend their mani pedis! I have tried them and I’m very happy. Their staff is very friendly and is dedicated to make you feel comfortable. And of course, my nails have never looked this good! They also last really long. Plus, their services are affordable. Not only do you get to relax, their prices will never give you a headache too!

Spa Spot is definitely my go to place every time I want to relax. I love it there. You can go there on weekdays or on weekends, after work, before meeting some friends, or meet your friends there, it’s up to you! Spa Spot is definitely the perfect spot to get rid of all your stress! Go to Spa Spot now!

773 868 0988

3125 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60657
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$13 Regular Manicure:

Relax and don’t let your stress at work bother you anymore! Get a Regular Manicure for only $13 at Spa Spot now! See you! Don’t forget to bring your coupon!

Fine Print

The promotional value expires on March 31, 2019. Amount of the coupon will be the amount honored by the merchant. One coupon is for 1 person use only. Promo is exclusive to loyaltypower7 members. Can be given as a gift. Valid only for the coupon used. Not valid with any other special offers. Clients should inform the technicians for any allergies and the like. Merchant limits 1 person to one visit per day from Monday to Wednesday. Merchant reserves the right to decline the service if the beauty spa is full and no prior appointment was made. Merchant is responsible to members for the quality of the products and services offered. Please read spa policies when making and cancelling reservations.

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