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Life is great! You get to do a lot of things that you love like making friends, getting a job and getting paid for it, shopping, traveling, spending some time with the ones you love, all these are great right? But there is one thing that can also surely put the biggest smile on everybody’s face, eating!

There is something about food that can simply make us happy. Just the thought of it is perhaps already making you feel great! Whether you are eating dishes that are familiar to you or are close to your heart, or perhaps meals that are new to your palate, the act of eating is just wonderful, it makes you feel like everything in life is designed to make you happy. Speaking of eating, do you wish to go to a restaurant where the food is great, guaranteed to keep you smiling and ordering for more, the place is comfortable and you get to feel like you’re outside of the country! Take a drive to Pind Indian Cuisine now!

When it comes to Indian dishes, Pind Indian Cuisine is the best in Ashburn Virginia! Their restaurant is very cozy and is designed so you can experience Indian culture. Another thing that makes the place great is that you can invite your friends and family over; they have big tables where you can dine in with a bigger party. Eating after all is made a lot better when you get to share the experience with the people that you love! They have lot foods that are available all day. Their All Day Menu has Appetizers, Tandoori Entrees, Pind Traditional Specialties, Vegetarian, Seafood, Chicken, Lamb and Goat. They even have a menu for kids. And well, they have Desserts too! If you prefer eating there at lunch time, they have Lunch Specials available too. They have Lunch Appetizers, Pind Lunch Specialties and Lunch Entrees.

Some of my personal favorites are Aloo Ghobi, Crabmeat Curry and their Chicken Tikka Masala. Their desserts are also really good, it’s very hard to pick one. I love the lightness of their Gulab Jamun! Their Mango Mousse Cake is also just as good. I should probably stop talking about their food, it makes a world of difference if you just go there and order up anyway!

There are so many things in this world that can make you thankful for life and food is definitely one of them! Food keeps us alive, it gives us the energy to go through life every single day. Moreover, it keeps us closer to our loved ones. See you at Pind Indian Cuisine and experience everything great about food and life!


20522 Easthampton Plz

Ashburn, VA 20147
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Invite your friends and your family over and enjoy Dining in with class. Plus, bask in the beautiful culture of India! Get to do all of these things at Pind Indian Cuisine! See you!

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