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Durmic Consulting

Durmic Consulting is a technology consulting firm that specializes in finding the simplest, most cost effective solutions to help your business grow. We have been serving Chicago area clients since 2005. What distinguishes Durmic Consulting from other IT companies is our extraordinary level of service. Over ninety five percent of our business comes from client referrals.

At Durmic Consulting, clients are thoughtfully selected to ensure that we can provide all the necessary solutions and support for them. When we take on a new company we explore all options with the business owners and provide our consulting services to ensure that the best solution is implemented. We put in the extra time to do our research on the task at hand and ensure that we can get the job done.

Our international team consists of technology specialists, engineers, web developers, and tech support personnel. We currently have partners throughout the United States, China, India, The Philippines, and Europe. Our partners provide us with a multitude of specialized skills across various platforms and systems. When it comes to completing a project in the world of technology rest assured that Durmic Consulting will exceed your expectations.







5401 W Lawrence ave

Chicago, IL 60630
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