We created Loyalty Power7 because we believe in SUCCESS. Success not only for us but for your company as well. We are going to revolutionize online marketing and advertising platforms and we are doing this for you. Our user-friendly tools will allow you to create your own coupons and offers in easy steps depending on your business needs.

"Aside from posting advertisements of your company, adding great deals and offers, we are also giving you our trusted members and unique visitors to your company’s online presence."


Increase your money making opportunity while saving on cost. We offer you inexpensive marketing packages with great results.


Marketing and advertising are the most proven and effective ways to increase sales, increase buzz and increase the number of loyal customers you have.

Low Cost

Inexpensive marketing

High Traffic

Highly visible website

Repeat Business

+% returning clients

Top Business

stand out locally

No Commissions

you keep all earnings

1st Page Listing

once per month

Hassle Free

no monthly fee

Weekly Promo

increased exposure


Marketing and advertising are the most proven and effective ways to increase your sales, increase buzz and increase number of loyal customers. Although marketing is an investment on one hand, it is also an expense on the other


On top of this, we do not require you to pay any commission of your sales to us. You work hard for your sales, you deserve 100% of them. You will only pay for the membership fee to get a better marketing and advertising opportunity


Based on our experience, most marketing campaigns can cost you thousands of dollars and the results are never as predicted. Oftentimes it can be a waste of money, time and effort, not to mention false hopes. Identifying your business goals is the first step. Marketing and advertising is another, and that’s where LP7 can help you. We provide you with affordable marketing opportunities and online advertising with one click of a button.



$10 Month

Package includes the following

Three Unique Offers

We know how important flexibility is in your business. This is why you can create not just 1 but 3 different deals which can be changed anytime you have a better offer in mind or a bigger need to grow your business.

An influx of new customer

We provide you access to our members who are looking for deals, discounts and other offers. By registering at Loyalty Power 7, our members will have easy access to your coupons and offers.

High percentage of returning customers

Aside from giving you the chance to advertise your coupons and discounts, we can assure you that our members are your potential Loyal Customers. If they like your offers and your service, they will surely come back and repurchase.

First page listing once a month

We give you the spotlight by highlighting your coupons and discount offers on the home page of our website at least once a month.

Higher placement based on value of coupon

If you are offering a great deal and more members are purchasing your coupons, you`ll be placed higher in the website.

High traffic website presence

Since our initial goal is at least 10,000 members, we guarantee that you will get more exposure than you bargained for. It is our aim to make your products and offers known online.

Mass Marketing Campaigns 5 times a year

Since we value your partnership with us, included is a special mass marketing campaign for your business and offers at least 5 times a year.

You keep 100% of your sales

This is 100% real although it`s unbelievable. We assure you that we will not take anything from your offers or your revenue. You simply pay your membership fee and that`s it. This is an amazing benefit only found at Loyalty Power 7

No hidden charges

We only charge you for your membership fee, nothing else.



$100 Year

Package includes the following

All benefits of the Essential Membership

You get to enjoy all of the benefits of the Essential Membership plus the extra benefits.

Lifetime Price Lock

If you register now, you will be one of our pioneer merchants and we will never raise your membership cost. We guarantee you a lifetime membership fee for $100 per year.

Save 16% per year

If our members enjoy using your coupons and discounts, we also make sure you enjoy the same perks. Two months of merchant membership fees are on us.

Higher placement based on value of coupon

If you are offering a great deal and more members are purchasing your coupons, you`ll be placed higher in the website.

Social media advertising

We are active in almost all social media outlets. Of course as our partner, we will create and design your offers, as well as promote and place them in all of our social media platforms.

Unique coupon and discounts

We can help you design your own coupons and discount offers that will be alluring to our members.

1st page listing twice a month

Not once, but twice a month, you will be featured on the first page of Loyalty Power 7.

Creating a blog post about the merchant

Our team will create a blog post about your business which your coupons and discounts will be highlited. This will surely make our members curious about your products.



$249 / $99 Month

Package includes the following

All benefits of the Sole Membership

With our bonus membership program we guarantee that you will save thousands of dollars. Compared to our competitors, you will receive a compact package including blogging, social media posting, website hosting, video marketing and all the help to grow your business.


1. Guaranteed uptime
2. Industry leading reliability of 
    service and content delivery
3. Free migration service

24/7 Support

Our team is always ready to help answer your questions, get you started and grow your online presence. You can call, chat or email us anytime

Daily Social Media Posting

We take care of all your social media posting so you can do what you do best – focus on growing your business. We know that you have about a million things to do every day to run your business, but worrying about your social media being updated daily doesn’t have to be one of them.

Weekly Blog Posting

We will create weekly blog posts which includes two or three links to your website or to a current deal and offer. Blog posts are 150 to 180 words in length. We are also adding customized pictures to your blog as well and we will notify you whenever your post is published.

Video advertising

We will create a short video for your business, telling your story while perfectly matching your needs. Your video could be about your offers, deals, and your businesses history.

Worry Free online pressence

Worry free online presence